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Our Institute puts great emphasis on the importance of rich social and cultural life. Our colleagues organize various programs and trips throughout the school year. Not only do we give the chance to learn about Hungarian traditions, but also enhance mutual understanding between cultures. Besides, these community-building activities link students and teachers; help foster new traditions; and promote helpfulness, inclusiveness, and responsibility. 

Trips in Hungary

Students can discover the most important and most beautiful sights of Budapest.

They can attend various sightseeing tours, museum visits (for example: Parliament, Castle, National Gallery, Margit Island, Zoo and other popular museums). They will also have the opportunity to travel to other Hungarian cities and visit the surrounding places of Hungary . 

“National Food Festival” 

One of the biggest and most popular cultural event of the school year is the National Food Festival (in Hungarian: Nemzetfőzi Fesztivál). It is a complex program which focuses on the deeper understanding of each other’s culture. In the frame of a cooking competition and show students introduce their culture, tradition and gastronomy. Participating in the festival requires great teamwork and strong commitment. 


“Playing in Hungarian” lessons 

“Playing in Hungarian” is a playful, practical course to improve the language skills and to build stronger relations among schoolmates with the help of theatre and drama activities. These activities enhance the creativity of students and help them to use the language in a more confident way. 

Dance and theatre shows

Opportunities are provided to visit Hungarian theaters and watch different shows (folk and modern dance, musicals, opera and drama).


Sport activities

There is a gym in the dormitory which is free of charge. You can even choose from afternoon activities such as football, volleyball, handball, basketball and aerobics.



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